Invest in your own learning.

Pottery. French pastry. Stand up comedy. Bikram yoga. Ukelele. Hebrew. SQL. HTML. Start up pitch night. How to create a C corp. Failcon. Certificate in hospitality. Basic accounting. Basic management. Kickboxing. Spinning. Spanish. Agile. PMI. NYU. General Assembly. New School. Columbia. Harvard.

I can’t stop. I don’t remember who exactly said this to me or if I concluded this fact of life on my own but I am a constant, card carrying, drum beating, diehard, full blown addict to learning. I can’t stop. Nor should you. Learning didn’t end when you received your diploma. Evolution takes too damn long so learning is all we have to make culture change.

I am lucky enough to live in a town with a million options to learn in person. And thanks to the internet and phenomenons like Google, MOOCs and online universities, so can you. Learn. Grow. Expand. Increase. Manifest. You’ll reap the rewards, I promise.

And shhh. My real secret to rapid learning on the cheap? Reading. Reading! BOOKS. Remember those? This jurassic method of learning still serves well. Check out some of my recommendations.

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry: “Syllabi save the world.”

Read. Learn. Grow. Repeat. The rest of your life depends on it.