Masa Gong, PCC MAPP

Positive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Facilitator, & Consultant

I help exhausted, high-achieving women leaders and leaders of color to overcome disempowering beliefs so they can show up powerfully and authentically at work and in life.

Raised by a single mother of six in New York’s Lower East Side, Masa has studied culture and human nature for as long as she can remember.  Driven by the difficult experiences of her immigrant mother and her own first generation, low income upbringing, Masa found her calling in developing others to reclaim and magnify their power and potential.  The grit of women, mothers, and workers of all colors fuels her.  Underdogs are her inspiration.  

Masa is an experienced Executive and Team Coach, Coach Supervisor, Facilitator, and People Development Consultant based in New York City with 25+ years of leadership experience in global tech organizations including 12+ years at Google. Masa develops leaders (through individual coaching or classroom training) from all sectors with a focus on women and leaders of color, and has devoted her life to understanding differences.  She has over 1200+ hours of coaching experience with C/E/S/VP/Director level professionals from start-ups to F100 organizations. Part-coach, part-techinsider, part-teacher, part-scholar, part-historian, part-mystic, part-comedian, part-client, part-practitioner, all-New Yorker, she blends hands-on experience, business savvy, laughter, and modern social science.  She teaches and speaks in various forums about coaching, supervision, leadership and management, career, diversity, and culture, and authored the papers: “Multiplicity: Asian-American Females – Understanding Cultural Frames to Enhance Cross-Cultural Coaching Effectiveness”, “Missing Link: Marrying Applied Positive Psychology and Diversity Training”, and “Activating Coaching Supervision in the Americas to Address Racial and Social Justice”.

A medieval history and Spanish major from Yale University, a Yale delegate-at-large, and a Columbia Executive Education alumnus, she recently completed her masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Masa now serves as an Assistant Instructor for the Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania and is also a Learning-Coach for NEO supporting INSEAD Executive Courses (Leading Organizations in Disruptive Times, Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption, and Building Digital Partnerships and Ecosystems).

Spirituality, Gratitude, Love of Learning, Humor, and Zest are her signature character strengths.  Masa is also a devoted aunt to twelve thriving nieces and nephews, former Bikram yoga teacher, trained French pastry chef, and an aspiring writer.


Clients include F100 global corporations from tech, retail, food and service, sports, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and government services.

Sample work includes:

  • facilitating high-stakes, low performing team through a turnaround with individual and group coaching
  • individual coaching with top talent, C/E/S/VP/Director level women leaders and leaders of color
  • designing and delivering corporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy and programming
  • designing and delivering internal leader and manager development learning experiences
  • consulting start-ups on learning and development strategy



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