Success is never found. Failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing.
– Winston Churchill

Tools to Use on Your Own

  • Science backed well-being tips to navigate turbulent times. Good for everyone, families, professionals working from home, and young adults leaving campus.
  • Wheel of Life – Each slice represents some category in your life (perhaps social, health, etc.) or a dimension in your career that is important (good manager, flexibility, location, etc.). Rate each area – a zero rating means not satisfied and ten means completely satisfied.  Fill in each slice for each category based on your own self-assessment. Then zoom out on the visualization and think about the whole picture. Bring the wheel to coaching and use it to prioritize action steps.
  • Marshall Goldsmith Daily Questions Tracker for Behavior Change to track small steps forward
  • Designing Your Life – Various tools from the Stanford D School of Design Thinking to visualize possible Odyssey Plans, MindMap interests, discern energizing activities or reframe failures.
  • Wonder Women Weading Wist – female authors from business, fiction, and social science that have shaped my worldview.

From Masa’s Blog

You’re Networking All Wrong.

I care about you and no one teaches this in school which is why I have to tell you that you’re networking all wrong. Whether you like professional networking or not, here are some tips from science (Professors Adam Galinsky, Adam Grant, Betsy Paluck, and Rita McGrath) and experience to up your game: Give before you get. Sow seeds for future harvests. How can you expect to receive advice or an introduction (for free) without first making a gift? Do what works for you but do something – complete a daily 5-minute favor courtesy of Adam Grant, build a reciprocity ...
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About my coaching

About Masa Gong, Positive Coach, Facilitator, People Development Consultant ...
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The Zen of Hudson River Ducks

Hear me out. During my morning COVID-19 walks to the Hudson River, I look forward to three moments of pause – the first bench that faces lower Manhattan directly, the next bench that looks uptown towards the George Washington Bridge with the full length of Manhattan to my right, and then my final lookout facing the Statue of Liberty and south towards Staten Island and Brooklyn. I see tons of sky, water, and world. My morning walks are my favorite time of day. This morning, per normal, I am watching some mallards (fancy for duck, the ones with the green ...
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Musings from isolation

Friday Fun - questions and comments from isolation. Friday Fun - questions and comments from isolation ...
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Leading with dignity through reductions

How to furlough, layoff, reduce without ruining your employee goodwill ...
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Wanted: Tall AF Sequoia Poppies

By now you are realizing this is an existential challenge as much as a medical one. Mother Nature has given us a massive time-out (and cleared the polluted air and the rivers in a huge middle finger show of her power) and we must listen. Are you grappling? You were born into this time for a reason. Inequity widening, suffering spreading. Who do you want to be through this? Who do you want to be after? I recently learned of the Tall Poppy Syndrome from Australia. It is also called the Law of Jante in Denmark or the pull-down crab ...
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Well-being tips to thrive through fear

Laughter and well-being tips helps the medicine go down. Tips to thrive in spite of fear … ...
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Wonder Women Weading Wist for Women’s Month

Warren weft - what to do? Wead - we will win! Check out my Wonder Women Weading Wist. … ...
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30 days after Google – an AutoBio-Mockumentary

Vlog Launch: What have I been up to since leaving Google? ...
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Inception: Handling that vicious SOB in your head

Do I have dust and scratches on my face? I should. I was recently in mortal combat with my head. Self-gaslighting is my abuse of choice. I was stressed, dashing around the apartment, a bit frenetic due to a million things in my head. Then I made a mistake on something (details unnecessary – no animals or humans were hurt in this process) – minor in the scheme of bushfires, war, imminent plagues. My face flushed and the nuclear war in my head was on. My speedball of punish: “I am such an idiot. I am totally incompetent. I knew ...
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